The Beaconsfield Miners

When the focus of the world was on the rescue of miners Todd Russell and Brant Webb they appointed Sean Anderson to deal with the tens of thousands of enquiries being received in relation to their miraculous rescue.

22 negotiated their world exclusive interview with the Nine Network as well their exclusive American interview with Dianne Sawyer from the Good Morning America program. 22 also negotiated their worldwide exclusive book deal with Murdoch Books that still stands today as the largest advance ever paid to an Australian author.

22 also helped set up a charitable trust for the miners so that they could give back to their Beaconsfield community.

Byron and Lincoln

Byron & Lincoln

Lying alongside one another, these beautiful babies look like they could have been born weeks or even months apart – in fact, they are identical twin boys, who were born with just a minute separating them.

Weighing in at a tiny 1.54kg, Byron Ryman’s birthweight was almost double that of his brother Lincoln’s, who was just 530g when he was delivered on March 15 at the Royal Hospital for Women, Randwick.

Dr Parag, who monitored Mrs Ryman’s pregnancy until she was induced at just 29 weeks, said he had been forced to prepare her for the worst.

“Nicole was 15 weeks along when (medical staff) detected twin-to-twin transfusion, a type of problem that occurs sometimes with twin babies, whereby blood flows from one twin to another,” Dr Parag said.


Melissa Hawach

It was the case that made international headlines: two small girls, Cedar, 3, and Hannah, 5, were abducted by their father and flown from Sydney into war-torn Lebanon.

Their Canadian mother Melissa Hawach embarked on an incredible personal journey to get her children back. Melissa appointed Sean Anderson to assist her with the unrelenting media enquires. Sean based himself in Calgary Canada and upon Melissa’s return to Canada from Lebanon, Sean negotiated a worldwide exclusive with News Corporation to reveal for the first time that she had successfully retrieved her children from Lebanon to their Calgary home.

22 also negotiated a world-wide book deal with Harper Collins for the book “Flight of the Dragonfly” which has since become an international bestseller.


Jamie Neale

For 12 days and nights English tourist Jamie Neale survived with no food, water or shelter in the harsh Australian bush. Believed to have been dead, 19 year old Jamie survived on only seeds, weeds and the warmth of a wooden log after getting lost during a one day hike in the Blue Mountains on July 3rd 2009.

His father had even given up on the idea that his son was still alive and was about to board a plane back to the UK without him. A search and rescue team consisting of 400 people scoured 100km of rough terrain and found nothing. Surprisingly Jamie emerged from the bush, gaunt and scratched but in good health. His miraculous story captured the world’s attention – particularly in Australia and Europe.

Jamie appointed 22 to handle the worldwide media storm. 22 negotiated a world-wide exclusive interview with the 60 Minutes program as well as a documentary program in the UK.



A very sad and unique story, Rebecca Doig was diagnosed with the debilitating disease Alzheimer’s at the same time she was informed she was 8 weeks pregnant.

Rebecca at 31 is one of the youngest people in the world to have this rare form of Alzheimer’s but the first to be pregnant and give birth. Her loving husband Scott Doig was forced to leave the work place in order to look after his sick young bride and healthy new born baby girl, Emily.

Scott Doig appointed 22 to handle all media enquiries. 22 negotiated a worldwide exclusive interview with Channel Seven’s “Sunday Night” program as well as New Idea magazine. 22 also negotiated an exclusive in the UK with “Fabulous” magazine.